Take up your mat

This morning oddly enough I was pondering the verse where Jesus heals a man who can not walk and says “ your sins are forgiven”. The religious people were furious with Him because by doing so he claimed authority of God. He responded by saying “which is easier to say, your sins are forgive or take up your mat and walk.

What this sick man was really asking for was “life”. He was sick and wanted to be made well. What he was in essence was dying and wanted his life back. What they did not realize is when he said “

Your sins are forgiven instead of rise and walk what he was giving them was MORE than they asked for. He gave them what their soul is really longing for. Healing from within.

Of course he could heal their sickness. But he knows what I still grapple with. We are fighting to save a body that is daily dying anyway. He is fighting to save a soul that will live forever

As I have mentioned in previous blogs I long for my daughter to not hurt in anyway at all. I long for her body to not be daily trying to take her out. But we all try in vain to save our mortal bodies. Why is it we don’t try as earnestly to save the only thing that will in fact last.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic and everyone is working together to try and save the “bodies” of each individual who gets sick. Droves of people lining up for testing. Daily I pray for those I know are being tested have been tested and I pray for Gods mercy to shield our daughter, her medically fragile friends and their families as this sickness would have devastating effects on us and our medically fragile friends.

I have gone absolutely stir crazy as I do what I know is right to protect our daughter and ourselves.

But in silence at night and last night in particular I was watching Beth again on LPM app and she was talking about Joshua and the battle he and his fellow Israelites were in and how this particular battle was one they got themselves into by their own poor choices and how it could have been avoided. And how Joshua being a great warrior realized in order to defeat the enemy in the enemy’s own land would take constant presence of the Sun. He needed the Sun to stay out because if the moon rose they would be defeated because the enemy would have the upper hand knowing the terrain in the darkness. So he prayed to God to halt the sun in its path. And Beth described it so vividly when she painted the picture of God holding the earth steady and still so that it did not continue to rotate around the sun.

Then she asked “ when is the last time we prayed big bold prayers. “.

This thought kept playing through my mind early this morning. So I began thinking of my friend I spoke with last night In Africa. And how sad I had become for them bc while speaking to them I could see the fear in their eyes over this pandemic and the stress. I know this look well, I have had the same many times. So i prayed Lord protect them keep them safe provide them food and income. Then I thought of all Zoeys little friends that we had held virtual class with yesterday and prayed that God would show mercy over this group and keep their medically fragile bodies safe and various other personal things that had been going on yesterday.

Then that still small voice registered yet again with the conviction of “ this is your big prayer”. Healing protection and financial provisions. Ugggg I could almost hear him say “ oh you of little faith”

He came to give us Life and to give it abundantly and yet we don’t take Him up on that. Instead in my human nature I pray for things that are fleeting and think those are Big Prayers.

I don’t say all that to say I will ever stop praying for what I know God can do. He has told me to come Boldly before His throne and that I can come with confidence. He has told me to bring all my worries to Him. It is not wrong to pray for any of these things. It would be wrong not to. But what did occur to me is am I more considered about saving what is going to pass away anyway or am I more concerned with praying just as earnestly for that which can never be taken away. Are we praying only to be able to get off our mat or do we want healing from within.

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