The Gate called Beautiful


Two years ago my mom phoned and asked if I would like to accompany she and my father on a trip to Israel.  I thanked her and said ” no”.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to visit Isreal, but I am not fond of traveling period.  My sister phoned a week later and asked if mom had called, yes…I said….” are you going?”…Yes!  😑  Well Dang, now I have to go…I can’t be the one daughter who didn’t go 😂😂

Israel was everything and more that I could have hoped for.  In fact I hope to go back one day.  I am a completely visual person and walking through Israel with our guide the Bible and it’s stories came to life.  But Jesus had one spectacular gift up His sleeve for me on this trip.  Towards the end of our trip our guide took us to the pools where the sick would come and wait on the miraculous springs to “heal” them…unbeknownst to me as we continued our walk …our guide said ” and these gates we are passing through are called ” The Beautiful Gates”

My heart stopped…you see throughout my pregnancy and once our daughter was born one verse that I have underlined and smeared with tears in my bible is the Acts 3:2 …”  As they approached the Temple, a man lame from birth was being carried in. Each day he was put beside the Temple gate, the one called the Beautiful Gate”. 

A man , lame from birth, always viewed as less than was carried every day by his friends to the Gates Called BEAUTIFUL.  You see you reach these ” healing pools” by walking under a gate called Beautiful.  The lame, the outcast because of some ailment, those unworthy of entering the temple, those the world passed by with a sense of superiority, the one the priests and religious leaders passed by, the ones overlooked by the church, these were the very ones Jesus deemed worthy.  They had to walk through the gates called Beautiful.

Beautiful, that is how Jesus sees them.  These were the souls that had nothing left but Jesus alone.  He was their only hope, their only reason for living, the ones in the end who would proclaim His name the loudest by their sheer faith in the one who would come one day and heal them.  Would they be healed?  They didn’t know, but each day they showed up faithfully and laid themselves out for the only one who could heal them.

When I was still pregnant with Zoey I would pray earnestly that God would heal her completely before she even arrived.  And Jesus just impressed on my heart one night as clear as if He was there in person, ” she is is you I need to work on”.

I have stopped asking for Jesus to heal our daughter.  It isn’t that I don’t think He can.  He has miraculously kept her alive each time death has come knocking.  What I have realized is He is healing so many with the scars Zoey has been gifted to carry in this life.  She is His walking breathing testimony.  She is the evidence of Jesus good and perfect Love.  Is it the kind of perfect I would pray for, heavens no.  I would give almost anything to not go to bed every night wondering what will try and take her out next.  I would give anything to not spend most of her life in and out of hospitals and waiting for results that we may not want to hear.  I would give anything for Zoey to be well.  But when you have a little soul that points so many people to the one who can Heal them of things far greater than physical aliment you realize as Paul said ” For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long.  Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!” ( 2 Cor 4:17)   I imagine one day in heaven there will be a line of people who will come and  tell Zoey how they believed in her Jesus because they heard her story, and she will smile and show them all her scars and they will rejoice together that Jesus in his infinite love allowed her to wear them.

So everyday in my heart I walk to the gate called Beautiful.  I lay my little girl down and hold fast to the faith that one day her Jesus will come back and meet us at the gate called Beautiful and we will look into the eyes of the One who Loved us enough He placed us at this Gate.

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