Enduring friends

A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Eccl 4:12

Today was such a good day. I got to walk a nearby lake with one of my dearest friends. You find what makes true friendship as in any relationship is your ability to do life together and in so doing make life better. My friend and I met 15 years ago at a mother’s morning out program. Now we have kids who are leaving for college in the next couple years and both admitted how sad that thought is to us. How much we are going to miss having our kids at home around the dinner table. Being able to see them daily. Course in the same breath we passed a bunch of new mommies with their crawlers at the park and without missing a beat both said “ as sad as we are to know they will be leaving soon .. we don’t miss this stage “ 🤣🤣We both then pondered how at this season in our lives we are closer to dying than to the moments in our 20’s and 30’s. How we’ve started thinking in 20 years it won’t be us saying “ oh my stars I’m 40 or having the silly black attire 50th birthday parties. We will be well into “ retirement” age. 😱😱. How did this happen.

We both remarked on how it frightens us to think of our parents getting older. That’s maybe the hardest thought of all. Our parents are our rocks and touchstones and now we are the ones thinking of how we can best be there for them and take care of them should they need it. When did that dynamic change.

It’s so good to have such a dear friend you can talk about real life about. She listens so well when I discuss the fears and concerns I have for our daughters life. We laugh of my goodness do we laugh at the absurdities of how so many things have turned pit in our lives.

She is one of the dearest friends because there are no pretenses with her. I can show up in jammies not makeup hair in a scrunchie and not think twice. She has seen my house a wreck and forms no judgement. Heck she’s seem my life a wreck and still is that calming presence. I love most that I know she will do just about anything I come up with that I think might be fun. And what’s better is she doesn’t just agree to do it to appease me she enjoys whatever we do. Even if it turns out to be awful as many things have 🤣🤣

I’m so thankful that years ago we both sat at a round table, name tags on, not knowing what to expect or even how to do this new mom thing. 🤣. What started out as the unknown has led to an enduring friendship that has seen each other through good bad awful and back again.

Just thankful so thankful to those we can call “ friends”.

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