Just keep walking

Today, being the second full day of sun we have had in what seems like 40 years, I decided to take the dogs for a walk.

As you can tell by the photos, one cannot walk these 140 pounds of love and devotion at the same time 🤣🤣. So, much to their chagrin one waited “ not so patiently “ while the other walked his two miles and mom came back and hooked up the other.

As I led each dog I realized, as I often tend to do, the parallels between me leading my boys and Jesus leading me. The boys are just happy to be out “ running free “ seeing new sights sniffing out new areas. But I am the one in charge of their safety of leading them on the correct path of watching for spots along the path that might hurt their paws.

And it occurred to me this is how Jesus does with us. He leads us down a path. He already knows the way. He is constantly watching out for our safety. All we have to do is listen for His voice, follow His lead and enjoy the walk.

My Dug, is still the baby of the family. It was telling the difference between he and Maximus along the walk. Loud cars scare Dug and as we approached fences that had dogs behind them half his size who were barking he would almost knock me over for wanting to be right next to me. These dogs half his size, one not even the size of Dugs paw were frightening him. And once again I reflected on how we can become so afraid of the “ enemies “ along our path. How we forget our “ size” not because of our strength but because of the Strength of the One leading us.

Maximus one the other hand is older. He has walked this path many times with me. He knows the “ enemies” on the route and the potholes. He does not fear because he knows I have never let harm come to him and he also knows he posses abiding strength that is greater than the puff ball behind the fence.

We don’t have to fear the path because we know the One who is leading us and the more we walk the path with Jesus the more confidence we gain in recognizing that “ fears” are ahead but we are massive and mighty because of the One leading us.

It also warmed my heart as Dug would keep walking and every ten steps or so I would whisper Good Boy Dug, keep walking . My heart just welled up within me as I realized that is how Jesus is with us. We don’t have to accomplish something grand for him. We just keep walking keep listening for the sound of His voice and literally about every 10 steps listen… I bet you hear Him saying Good job my beloved. Keep walking ♥️

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