Enough for me


I don’t ever do goals at the beginning of the year.  I think they are silly…what is January 1 that any other day of the calendar is not.

Having just resigned my job, it has given me great time to reflect.  I had a very good idea of the quality of life I led but having stepped away from it for 8 months now I realized even more profoundly how significant and important my 15 year career as a wife, mother, friend, daughter truly is.

There were so many people when I was a ” stay at home mom” and learning of the career and degree I had, saw my path at home as a waste, as not fulfilling my potential.  I would even catch myself at times when someone would ask me ” what I did for a living , shrink inside and say ” oh I am JUST a stay at home mom.”

Having 8 months away from that role has reinforced exponentially how monumental that job title is.  That is one of the greatest take aways from being at my job and now stepping away.  I now how crystal clear focus and knowledge on just the magnitude and significance being a wife mother and friend truly is.

I am NOT saying you can’t do both.  I am saying I have no more reservations of saying ” I am a mom” should I never return to the ” work for again”. I already am a “Work Force”. It’s almost comical- everything I did ” on the job” I perform on a daily basis as a wife mother daughter and friend.  I did, however; learn how to use the computer bette

I am excited to see what this new journey holds.  I am excited to have such fresh perspective on how important my job truly was and is as a ” stay at home domestic goddess”. 😍  I will never, after this 8 months,  feel I need to hold my head down when I say ” I work from home”.  It is the toughest job I have ever loved.

People keep asking me, ” what are you going to do now?”, Where do you think you’ll work?” – ” are you going back to work?”

I don’t know- does anyone really know what tomorrow holds?  Heck, I didn’t know my car would pick today to die 😳  All I know is that I will listen to that still small voice that always guides me.  And every day He will shine enough light down to take the next step and that is enough for me.


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