I resigned from my job, my last day being this Sunday. It is funny during this two weeks I have had time to process all the change. I feel this overwhelming sense to declutter everything. I feel the past months have been consumed by noise and action and I’m in need of a quiet place. A moment to recenter. I am someone who enjoys the quiet moments of reflection and stillness. Not inaction or laziness but just the opposite. The work of being still. So many things have crept into my life and it’s time to step back and revisit where it is I am supposed to be focusing solely on and figuring out what it is God has planned for me.

Being still and quiet it more work than constant moving and always adding to your schedule.

I have deleted mailboxes off my phone … sheets.. group calendars … notifications … messenger .. I don’t need the constant interruptions.

I want to be intentional about the people I am with when I am with them.

Focusing on listening to the flow of life and the one guiding me.

I went and had a massage today and my friend pulled back the covers on my back and all she could say was “ GIRL… I know why these are here I admire your strength and courage on your journey but you need some relief. She worked for almost 2 hours on my neck and back.

Tearing down the pockets of negative and allowing circulation to come back. Basically allowing life to flow back through where pain was trying to take over. And it hit me that these are the steps I need to take in my life in this stage. Working out the struggles and points of tension and allowing the life giving flow of Jesus to come and make me whole again.

Much like the massage parts of the journey will be painful but the end result is getting back up and feeling like a new person. Like new life has infused your soul.

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