My dearest friend and champion

If it’s true what they say about all you need is one champion in your corner than I certainly have mine. As long as I can remember this friend has been encouraging me to write and share my stories. She took it a step further and said years back “you should write a book”. I laughed, rolled my eyes and said “I have nothing to say more than a comic strip size.” She has not let up for years. Each little blog I would write each email I would send her after something would happen in my life she would reply you ought to write a book. Lately those words have been ringing in my ears the more and more I blog. Basically I blog for myself. It’s my way of release I write stuff down and then it’s out there and not taking up space in my mind.

Then one of my favorite authors put out an email over New Years.. entitled “ the year of the book”. An intensive one day class on everything she knows about writing a book and a tutorial to help you navigate your own. A little nerve struck in me and I thought what the heck I’ll sign up. I may never write a book but I love to write and this could only help me hone any skill I might have. I had been sitting on this news for about a week before I told her. Her reaction was priceless. She said she was drafting her resignation now because she would need to be my personal manager as we hit the road promoting my book. That’s all you need really … one true friend in your corner championing your crazy endeavors. I reminded her that I still don’t think I could write a book. I could probably write a short story. She responded with great… all a book is is a compilation of short stories.

Then she sent me the picture above.

Tip toe if you must but take the step. Here’s to all of us who are learning to take that one step… even on our tippy toes. And here’s to the friends who bring the pom poms to cheer us on. They are the greatest asset in life 💕

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