Happy Dance

There are no sufficient words to describe the love and admiration our family holds for this man.

When you find a soul who genuinely cares about your prized possession in life as much as you do and can walk you through scary times as well as he can rejoice with you in the good… you cling to people like this … they are few and far between.

Zoeys liver specialist has been with us since Zoey was 3 months old. I remember vividly how drained we were from taking her to other specialist who kept sticking her and taking viles of blood and providing us with zero answers. Then we were referred to this man… he walks in the room humble gracious and so kind … looks at her charts and says ” it is one of three things”. In 5 minutes he did what no one else could do in three months. We have never trusted anyone more.

Over the years he has guided us through scary times with the ease that only someone who has had to walk hard roads before can do. He has celebrated not only Zoeys progress in health when they arrive but also he celebrates Zoey just because. He laughs with her and listens to her and it is amazing to watch.

He was the first one of her primary specialist to show up long after his hours had ended to check on Zoey the night she went into septic shock. At midnight this man came to see me in that awful moment, comforted me and quietly assured me just with his presence.

He is a remarkable remarkable soul and we are forever indebted to him.

Today with a great smile he told us the following, this is the text I sent my family:

Visit went perfect! We couldn’t have gotten better results if we wrote them ourselves. Dr R. joked that he doesn’t even know why he sees Zoey 😉 ( kidding obviously ). There is no additional scarring on her liver. The blood flow has not gotten worse and is headed in the correct direction. Her markers have not gone up which means there is no concern of checking for any cancerous tumors. In fact her marker numbers had gone down some 🎊🎉

She has some clubbing on her fingers that dr R noticed which could be caused by the damage to her kidneys during septic shock or her liver disease. Either way it is a sign of some malady that they watch bc it has to do with the amount of oxygen in her body. But her saturation is 100% which is on point.

It’s a great result day. Dr R said if her next 6 month follow up is this good we can go to once a year basis. 🎊🎉🎊

Needless to say today was a day better than we could have expected. A long journey that still continues but for today we will bask in this magnificent moment and be thankful this is the news we were allowed to hear today 🎉🎊

Thank you to all who prayed and sent sweet texts and videos we love the way you love our girl 💗

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