The release valve

Part of Zoey’s surgeries Monday was putting tubes in her ears. What has been amazing to me is how such a tiny tube can release so much pint up fluid. 10 years of it apparently, because her poor little ear has been draining like a sieve. You would have to be Steve and I and around her 24/7 but the remarkable thing about these tiny almost microscopic tubes is they have made her speech better, her mood has gotten better ( probably bc she can not only breathe now from the surgery but her ears aren’t in constant pain). But now, a release valve placed in her ear and all the yuck that was constantly building up and causing pain has somewhere to go. And that somewhere is out and the more time that goes by the more yuck that comes out the better she gets.

I think it is absolutely hilarious how God uses everything about Zoey to point me back to him. He and I have been having deep discussions about some areas of my life that are causing me serious internal pain. Anger and bitterness keep building up and I have not released any of it to Jesus. And honestly when you really think about it what good is all that anger and bitterness doing. It’s not helping me feel better it’s not making my mood better it is literally like Zoeys little ears. The anger and bitterness is like fluid building up in me trapped by my own choice. When in fact, as Jesus reminded me tonight while I was putting drops in zoeys ears and carefully cleaning them and she would smile and say “ thank you mommy. I big I brave “….Jesus just pricked my heart and used her little tubes as an illustration for me. He wants to be my “ release tube”. He wants to be the conduit for which I can release all the yuck that I’m allowing to build up. Because just like Zoey, when I can get all the bad out that has been building up for quite sometime … my speech will become better, my thoughts, my heart, my mood my joy … He will be the path for the pain to come out and the healing to begin.

Funny the things a 10 year old can teach you about Jesus.

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