My heart beat turns 15 today

My heart beat turns 15 today. I’ve hit the point where I realize the time I get to spend with him is quickly becoming a choice for him instead of mandatory. That makes my heart sink.

This one here, is a good soul. He is quiet and thoughtful. He has a razor sharp wit and a dry sense of humor that will leave your sides splitting from laughter.

When we first found out our daughter would have trisomy 21 I worried countless hours on how it would impact our son. Now I marvel on what he would have missed out on had he not been given this road to walk with us.

I have loved every second with this young man. I’m not just being a biased mom when I say, his heart is so loving. He cares deeply for others. He has more patience than any normal kid should have. He is generous and so compassionate.

We have developed rituals, he and I. He knows that when I hear the song ” ain’t no mountain high enough” that that is his momma’s song to him. He will roll his eyes as I sing it loud to him in the car.

We go to Dairy Queen he and I on Friday’s. Then we sit in the car and discuss nonsense. Talking to him is a treasured moment for me. Every night at 10 o’clock he will come into my room and sit and talk to me for 1/2 hour just because he wanted to tell me goodnight. And a little piece of me is sad to know that in three years these moments will be few and far between.

Fun fact, he wants to be a lawyer like his Pops. That’s fun. Something we never initiated. We have always been careful to not steer him towards any profession, instead letting his gifts talents and desires guide him. So a piece of me was elated when he announced he wants to pursue this path. He will make a phenomenal lawyer. He’s a excellent debater and always for the underdog. He wants justice for all the marginalized and hopeless. And that delights my heart to no end.

He is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given. My brave compassionate quiet soul. Happy Birthday. You are your momma’s heartbeat.

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