Thoughts from the crack of freakin dawn

When I was in my 30s I was so consumed by appearances. This week being home with our daughter has given me moments to be able to see our son off to school. His bus comes at the crack of freakin dawn. I am not a “ dawn “ kinda person. Give me 7:30am and I’m your girl but whoever decided we should be on a bus at 6:15 in the morning obviously needs Jesus in their life. 🤣

But I digress. My husband is usually the “wee hours” of the morning dawn patrol. But as our daughter has just had surgery our roles have reversed. You see when our daughter feels pewny she only wants her daddy to sleep with her. Which is super sweet.

Okay side tangent again. Any who while I was up in the middle of the night morning. It was just me the fireplace and our tree allowing for any light. As I sat there and took in our tree I realized, it had come along way just like me. Like I said, in the beginning, I was consumed with perfection and appearances. Everything had to be just so and look good and be impressive. Our Christmas tree of years past could have won awards. The tree was stunning the gift wrapping matched the decor on the tree the bows were hand made and coincided with the wrapping which coincided with the tree. Not a thing was out of place.

I smiled when I looked at our tree this morning. Not a thing matches. Nothing is in place and these past years have been some of the best trees ever. Fondly, I looked on and realized how much each of these ornaments means to me. Each one tells a story now. Each one brings back memories of life milestones, major events. Really great moments and some ornaments bring back hard memories of not so great times. But each one is a piece of our family and our story and each one sacred in a way. I just sat in the stillness of the lights and realized how each ornament was made so beautiful because of the light shining on them and through them. It’s a lot like the life you can have with Jesus. He stands in all his radiant glory and you can hang all your good, bad, ugly, beautiful, life time of moments on him and he can make each moment beautiful in His light. He can use all your “ornaments “ to tell a story to others how “

perfection isn’t the goal”- just you and all your hand made ornaments, jeweled ones, broken ones, magnificent ones to tell a story. A story of how He has been so faithful to you on a journey. Bring all your life “ ornaments” to him. Give them to him and watch him hang them in his matchless light and the beauty will amaze you.

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