Trust the voice

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Recently my husband surprised me for my upcoming birthday.  For context, my husband and I are car fanatics to say the least.  It is how he even had a chance with me when we were kids ( aside from his stunning good looks 😉 )

He had known about this surprise for 2 months and astonishingly kept it a secret.  When you know something you are doing or giving to someone is going to totally make their day, I don’t know how you keep it to yourself.  He knows I am not someone who is impressed by gifts, I am not really a ” thing” kind of person.  I am an ” expierence” kind of person.  This gift was certainly that!

He had purchased me laptime in one of my favorite SuperCars.  The McLaren 570S.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  My smile could not be erased from my face.  But as I have had the oppurtunity to reflect over this expierence it has all tied back to Jesus as most things given time and distance do for me.

The instructor told us,

  1. Do not look at your surroundings
  2. Where your eyes go there your car will go
  3. Do not worry about being passed
  4. Listen only to the words of your professional, he/she will constantly guide you through your headset around the course
  5. Trust your professional and not what your gut tells you
  6. Follow the cones, trust the placement is just where you should turn, break, accelerate…trust that we know this for you,   we have gone ahead of you and done the course before.
  7. You will only go faster and enjoy the expierence more if you trust the voice coming through your headset.

Is that not the most amazing list of instructions if you compare them to the life Jesus has called us to live.  He calls us out on this course of life.  He has already gone before us and marked the territory where He knows we will need to make adjustments to safely navigate the unknown path.  On this track we had zero mirrors in our car that we could use, we literally had to trust the voice in our headset.  We could not tell who was behind us, if someone was trying to pass us, or how to navigate this new course.  Our professional watched all the outside and inside distracitons for us. They calmly and precisely told us how to continue.  When they said ” you will only go faster when you trust the voice in your headset” …mercy…talk about hitting home.  You will only truly learn to enjoy this life and live in freedom when you learn to trust that voice telling you turn here, pause here, accelerate now.  To be able to live just like I was having to drive, what an accomplishment that would be.  It was sheer joy driving that car.  All i really had to do was follow their prompting,  trust in their knowledge and enjoy every second of the ride.  That is truly what Jesus wants for us.  Strap into this thing called life.  Don’t look at the mirrors or who is trying to pass you or what is trying to run you off the road, there will be those things all around you, just keep listening to His calm voice saying, ” this way”.

At one point on the course my instructor said ” okay now put the pedal all the way to the floor and see what this car can truly do!”  I did and screamed in sheer delight as the force of the speed pushed my head against the headrest.  Don’t you imagine that is the only thing Jesus wants from us, is to trust Him so implicitly that we dare to push the pedal all the way to the floor and hold on for dear life.  I think if I could convince myself to have that much trust i would expierence more moments of complete exhiliration.

It was a two fold win for me that day.  I had the best expierence any birthday girl could ask for, doing exactly what she loves to do in a car that one can only dream to drive.  And I had a visual representation of what Jesus wants for me in this life ” laptime”.

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