Three generations

holding hands

The saying is true that, ” friendship isn’t about who youve known the longestit’s about who came and never left your side”.    Not long ago, a little over 2 years to be exact,  a ” fill in” turned into one of my dearest friends.   To back up a bit, it was my mom’s 75th birthday party and her best friend was unable to attend and RSVP’d with ” her daughter would come in her place” .    That moment of ” fill in ” turned into one of the greatest ” fill in’s” of my heart.

To give context to this extraordinary frienship you would have to go way way back, long before i was even a blip on the screen.   My sister and I have been blessed to grow up with two parents who raised us to not see divisions, being race, economic status, religious preference….you name it.  My mom at a very young age in Alabama taught as the only white woman in an all black school.  When my father was a captain in the army  a family was hit by an oncoming train and no one in the county hosptials would treat this family because of the color of their skin.  My father, appaled by this horrifying display of how they were being treated was still in his unifrom when he went into the hospital and told the attendants that they would care for this family or he would have every news crew on the scene.  I love that even before they had kids they practiced what they would eventually preach to their kids in their actions.

The elementary school where I attended was where my mom and my friends mom would spend many years teaching together.  My mom as the para would work under this teacher for years to come and in the course of all those years they developed such a bond.  This lady has been at almost all my moms hospital visits, she has spent birthdays and other celebrations with us and my dad performed their daughter’s wedding.  It has been 30 years now of laughter tears and growing.

Fast forward to just this past October at my own daughter’s birthday.  My friend who is an excellent baker brought the cake and all the side treats for my daughters birthday.  It was after the party that we stopped and marveled.  30 years our moms have been friends,  a little over 2 years ago she and i became friends and now our kids are playing together.  What a legacy, 3 generations of strong women.  raising up strong women, raising up strong kids.   The gravity of such an endearing  relationship was not lost on either she or i.  It is true what the scriptures say when they say ”  I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. ( Phil 1: 6) . What my parents and my friends parents beleived,  in all being created equal,  has filtered down three generations.  The riches from their obedience is now seen in 3 generations of one big family loving each other well.  Long ago it would have been considered unlikely parings, but obedience to God’s defintion of love has made this unity one of the greatest gifts in our lives.

Also if you are wondering why it took she and I so long to become friends, I am 10 years older than her.  So our paths didn’t cross until God knew they needed too.  Our moms are 10 years apart too 😉 .  Love knows no barriers, it shows up at just the right time with just the right person.

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