healing is on it’s way


I haven’t felt good for days now…but stopping isn’t something ingrained in me.  by example i learned that no matter how you feel you show up.  you smile and add joy to others regardless…there is a lot of truth to that…when you brighten someone else’s day it inturn makes your day better…..

the flip side can happen also when you don’t stop to care for physical/mental self your body will shut down.  for a little over a week now my body has been telling me to take time to regroup.  to be more quiet…i didn’t and yesterday it came to ahead.

sick as a dog i came home, crawled into bed and didn’t surface until almost mid day today.  for those who don’t know me, that is cause for alarm.  i can count on one hand the times i have slept in late.  but then the neatest moment happened when i awoke..

my husband said ” i am so proud of you for not going to work today and for taking time to care for yourself”.  that was such a comforting statement…affirming me in my choice to stop… like i mentioned, pausing is not my strong suit.  you would think at my age i would have learned this lesson.  even i was shocked by how much sleep my body took on in one night and day.

one reason i forced myself to be still today is people i love dearly are on their way to see us.  you see this weekend we celebrate our daughter’s birthday.  from prevous posts you will understand that every year with our daughter is a miracle.  and this year is a true triumph.  we have hit double digits!

tomorrow a man i love as much as i love my own dad is flying in to celebrate with us and then my sister from another mother is driving up..and the more i think of being with these people the more sentimental i get.  one of the gifts of getting older is realizing how much being with people you truly love and truly love you means, and i feel healing coming.   the hugs will be geniune, the laughs will be belly deep and the love for each other can only be best described as agape.  its funny how those you love most you rarely get to be with or so it is in my family.  so i will treasure each second

i can’t even describe how thankful i am this celebration fell this weekend.  i think it is so gracious of Jesus to orchestrate it this way.  He knew i needed healing both physically and emotionally and He knew the right people to send to do it.  so this weekend will be 2 days of being with ” family” who love me and my family so well.

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