Be still and know

There is nothing better than waking up to a sunny day. A lovely breeze floats through the air and there is not a cloud in sight.

I love to watch the wind as it move the leaves in the trees.. my mom would always say the wind was the hem of Jesus’ garment as He walks around

I love that thought.

It’s days like today that allow you to truly visualize ” be still and know that I am God”.

Be still. Aren’t those words alone so full of peace. But it’s a two fold command .. be still and KNOW …. I have found you can force yourself to be still all you want … turn off all the distractions, read your bible and pray but until you can couple it with ” And Know” the Be Still part is pretty darn useless.

The Knowing part comes at a steep price I’m afraid. The closer you get to knowing God the more of you He strips away. From personal experience I’m just going to say that it is not a ” oh fun, sign me up” kinda process. Think more along the lines of a waxing when they rip off the pads … you know you want to look good but getting there is PAINful … okay that analogy literally cracked me up. I had visuals running through my head … 🤣🤣. Probably lost some folks with that one… I can be spiritual and talk about waxings all in the same breath 🤣🤣. But if you really think about it you aren’t going to be moving around while your technician is trying to get the wax off your body. You are going to be super still and pray they get it right the first time.

Same with God. He needs us to be still. Focus on Him and his massive love for us and trust that if we will surrender to the process of becoming more and more beautiful like Christ , He can and will get it right the first time.

My warped sense of humor knows no bounds.

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