The storm on the horizon

It’s funny how God works and how He proves Himself over and over in the smallest ways in life.

As I walked outside to let the dogs out I caught myself turning my face upward and saying out loud ” wow it is so beautiful out today” and in my spirit thanking God for such a gift. In that split second I was reminded that a Hurricane is literally brewing off the coast of Florida. People are bracing not only for the ” what if’s but in essence bracing for what could possibly end the normal they know and change their trajectory in life all together.

In that brief moment it was like God pricked my heart.

A lot of my life seems to be spent ” bracing for what could possibly end the normal I know “. Instead of embracing the One who knows all.

All week, He and I have been learning the hard way that He is in control not me. I know of my own personal hurricane that is out there at bay gaining speed and momentum and I am powerless against it. In all honesty I am angry over it because I know God has the power to change its course or remove it all together. Instead He keeps taking my hand and saying are you going to trust me or the storm. Where your eyes go is where your heart is going to go. I know from many many past trials that have sought to destroy myself and my family, He is greater than the storm. That doesn’t mean He will change the storm. I have learned He has three paths. He will remove the storm, He will ease the storm or He will, as has been most of the case for me, grab your hand and say ” we will go through this together”. That choice is the one that always gets me… I know He is faithful … I have a track record … but I am but dust and that hurricane is death and destruction.

Maybe that is why God allowed my family to live in Florida for awhile. He wanted me to have a constant visual in my head of riding out a hurricane, waking up to all the destruction it brought … and yet without fail … the days after the hurricane were some of the most beautiful skies calmest air … its hard to describe. The surroundings had been devastated but the beauty in the actual day itself were some of the most beautiful ever. Not a cloud in sight bright sun and always a group of people coming together for maybe the first time rebuilding their ” new normal” together.

So I sit, and realize I can keep fighting and arguing and trying to control and prepare for the circumstances I didn’t ask for or I can take His hand keep walking and know that He choose me with this circumstance to do the only job that matters this side of eternity and that is to radiate His glory.

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