Signs of Hope

I love nothing more than the signs of Hope on the Horizon. It is,in most, cases what keeps each of us putting on foot in front of the other daily.

Fall comes with its life lessons about shedding and letting go of things that are no longer necessary.

Winter comes and brings the life lessons of hardship and difficult days… but we hang on because we know something greater is coming. Winter doesn’t give birth to more winter … just like in life destruction and difficulty may keep giving way to more difficulty death and destruction but we know that it is only for a ” season” and that in time we will see glimpses of Hope on the Horizon.

We can look through the fog and darkness of the days and months we may be currently walking in and know that the One who formed the seasons Himself is walking towards us on the horizon. He is the Hope of the new life the new day the assurance of the ” seasons changing”.

If you are walking through the dreary the hard and the seemingly endless pain of what feels like never ending death and destruction take heart …

just like the picture on the left Hope is popping through seeming death… beauty is coming

Jesus promises never fail. His hope is walking toward you with beauty in the making.

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