I took a study class written by an author I greatly admire who wrote a phenomenal book on depression and anxiety called ” Come Matter Here”. Since that book she has written a free 15 day study that you can find online called First Be a Follower. In this study she highly recommend that the participant take a break from social media … she gave no time limit be it 3 days or a month… so I chose a month. In that month of backing off all the noise I was shocked at how much you can hear and learn in the ” quiet”. Neither she nor I think social media is a bad thing. It is a wonderful platform to connect with old friends keep up with people you would never get to see daily and share wonderful stories. On the flip side it can be a negative hole sucking you into comparing yourself to ” perfect snap shot moments” of others lives it can make you angry from people’s posts you disagree with and so forth. But the choice is always yours on how you use the platform and what you let in.

I have learned in the past month a deep abiding sense of Thankfulness. I have always been a person who was indeed thankful, I don’t pride myself in that but I know it is just rather an inborn trait in myself. I am just thankful for all that my journey in life has brought to me, all it has made me walk through and endure. I take great pleasure in the little things… like just recently walking outside and noticing the return of birds chirping in the trees again… signs of ” new life” on the horizon. It is truly amazing how much stillness and peace is brought into your heart when you learn the art of being thankful. That being said, you also have to learn to be thankful when life all out stinks and your kids end up in hospitals and your best friend dies and life isn’t all you imagined and hoped for but I have learned even in those things that you never think you could possibly ever be thankful for ….. that it isn’t the death or dashed dreams that you are thankful for … but the healing that God brings into your heart because of the ache , you become thankful for fact that He walked with you through the storm and as the saying goes ” if He stayed with you through the storm once He will do it again”

I also truly believe it has been the thankfulness that I have learned through devastation that has made me even more cognizant of the minuscule blessings of thankfulness that are so easy to overlook. Just the very fact that your heart still beats, the sunset that takes your breath away, running water, a pillow at night, a smile from a stranger. There is so much to be thankful for and when you can train yourself to focus on even the tiniest things your world and its capacity for love explode.

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