9 years of Brutifulness

So tomorrow our tiny one turns 9. Which is a ” told you so moment ” for me because when she was born and we were trying to acquire insurance for her a customer service person for the insurance said ” the chances of her living past 8 weren’t great enough for them to insure her.

I am filled with so much awe when I look back over the past nine years. God truly does work in mysterious ways and Zoey is the embodiment of all His glory in one little package.

Don’t get me wrong… raising a child with special needs is HARD… it took ” hard” to a place I would have never dreamed of. We have learned quickly what discrimination is and how subtle and vicious it can be. From those who told us everyday during my pregnancy that we should just abort Zoey, to the mommas who pull their children away from our daughter at the playground for fear that they will catch Zoeys extra chromosome .. honestly that happens .. to people using the word retard flippantly to teachers who have refused to teach our daughter because after all she is ” special ed” her life will never amount to anything.. to all the ugly stares she gets from not only children but adults who just can’t see past her difference……

All the hospital visits and rare diseases that she just got and weren’t even a part of Down Syndrome.. to therapies and ieps and constantly trying to stay on top of insurances and benefits and constantly backing up and punting when you can’t figure out how to get through to Zoey.

But all the pales in comparison to the beauty….

Because then you have the opposite side and this is where we choose to stay focused. Zoey is a force of nature. She is a beautiful and compassionate little soul. She knows what it is to be sick and so she always wants to lovingly tend to those she thinks need a bandaid or a shot and ice πŸ˜‰

She sees amazing wonders everyday. She makes you stop and notice all the goodness and childlike wonder that you would miss in your ” fast and furious” pace. She will be your friend regardless of your race your appearance your ability to communicate. Those things never stop her from ” forcing you ” πŸ˜‰ to be her friend. She is extremely stubborn and hell bent on getting her point across and I have learned to absolutely LOVE that about her even when it almost drives me to ” sign into Betty Ford” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I have learned to love that side of her because as one of her teachers said ” if we can teach her to harness those traits and use them to overcome all the obstacles that will present themselves to Zoey … the sky is the limit with this one”.

Her spirit is one I think Jesus smiles on the most.. she loves everyone and not just people who are easy to love … she forgives easily those who wrong her … which is super hard for me as a parent because I am not as quick to forgive when I have had to watch people be so ugly to her but Zoey will go right back up to that same person and still try to be a friend or give a hug.. I am still learning from Zoey in that area. She will give you anything if she thinks you are hurt or sick and she will try her best to fix you. She has certainly opened our eyes to what it is to love everyone for who they are as a soul and not a body. That is one of the most beautiful gifts ever.

If you don’t have a special needs child in your family you should find a family who does and spend time with them and their child. I guarantee you … you will be better for having one of these special souls in your life.

One thought on “9 years of Brutifulness

  1. I’m so blessed to know Zoey! She truly loves people! We can learn so much from seeing love given so freely! She embodies all the Jesus spoke of about children and the love they have to give. I wish all adults could learn this! Hugs to you, little Zoey girl!πŸ’—


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