Jesus wrapped in an Adult Film woman’s body

i had the privilege of meeting heart to heart with what i am assuming through conversation was a previous adult film person…to be fair she never said that is what she did, i just put pieces together from our beautiful conversations..  i was volunteering quite awhile back at the place i worship and saw this vision.  to say she was stunning would be an understatement by magnanimous proportions.  i was completely taken by her palpable beauty.  Rarely in my many years have i been taken back so much by someone’s physical beauty…..and then she spoke….and it was then that i truly fell in love with this soul…. i will most likely never come in contact with again…she doesn’t attend my place of worship she was just visiting that day…but i know Jesus had our paths cross for my benefit….

she approached me needing help finding her way around…and as everyone knows..i can talk to a wall if i think it will listen….right away i couldn’t help myself,  i told her what a stunning woman she was…she was genuine and not just rhetorical in her ” so are you”…and i honestly think in that moment it was too broken souls seeing beauty in each other for who they are and what they have survived and just basking in the moment of “Who” had made that possible for both of us….

she began to tell me how she had been in a very bad place for many years in another city …you could see in her eyes there was no shame in her story there was triumph…oh people i wish you could have been there …there is something so divine when someone realizes who they are because of Who’s they are..she spoke of how she now has a passion for getting girls out of sex trafficing…friends…..if that doesn’t give you goose bumps nothing will….do you see how Jesus works…he takes what was meant for bad and to harm and uses that very story to allow this most beautiful soul to go forward and show others Jesus love and how He seems them as precious and valuable in His sight.   we continued to talk for about 5 minutes and for the life of me i can’t get our encounter out of my mind…it is like realizing you were allowed to be in a very holy moment…just like it says in Matt 18:20….where 2 or 3 are gathered together as my followers…there i am…..

that moment with this lady was a ” there i am ” moment….i wondered how much this lady must have felt shunned by so many and how many have tried to make her feel shame …those who would feel someone like her could not find a home inside the walls of sacred….but those people don’t know the real Jesus….the real Jesus ran towards this girl as he did me with arms wide open…i feel certain he never mentioned her sin…he just looked at her as he did me and said ” this is my daughter in whom i am well pleased..your name is written in the palm of my hand…now go and love others as i have loved you…

what a testimony this girls life is…..she took the path she chose gave what she had to the One who loves her and now thousands of girls benefit from her remarkable soul.

be careful before you judge ….you never know when you will be in the presence of Jesus wrapped in skin you don’t recognize


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