totally disgusted….

yesterday at our guest services meeting we had a guest speaker who gave a very thought-provoking message to our group….

he was speaking on John 4:3..” so He ( Jesus) left Judea and returned to Galilee.  He had to go through Samaria on the way. “…..

when he put up these two verses..i thought…ok maybe he is missing some of his speech..what on earth could he tell us from just these two verses…well…hold on..because just those two verses as i found out pack a punch…

the speaker said to us….ok i know this is crazy but go with me on this…” gather all the spit in your mouth and swallow it……doesn’t bother you does it….now, he said, what if i told you to gather all your spit….spit it into a cup and then drink it back out of the cup….to which my whole face contorted into the most awful look …..EEWWWW ( as jimmy fallon would say)…

he said there you go…we are all hard-wired with a “disgust trigger”…this is a good thing when it protects us from gross things like drinking our own spit…the problem is when we allow this “disgust trigger” to be placed on people….like maybe the person who looks different from you, or the person who smells, or the person who doesn’t share you culture or skin color…when we place our disgust onto a person and not a thing that is when we get into trouble….

now back to John 4:3….I went to Israel this summer with my family and i texted our guide this morning who had grown up in the Jewish culture and after doing years of tours became a Jesus follower just to make sure what this man said in his message was true yesterday and turns out it is…

You see Jesus,  being of Jewish culture,  would have had NOTHING to do with Samaritans …there was a ” disgust” factor there between Jews and Samaritans…turns out in Jesus time…in order to get from Judea to Galilee…Jews would actually take a path to avoid Samaria all together…from the picture i’ve included you can see how serious they had to have been about their Disgust for these people…they would add days to their journey just to avoid a set of ” people”.

I don’t know about you,  but how many people do you disdain enough to not even go through their by their street..enough to add days to your journey?  ( actually i can think of several people i would rather not see…but it wouldn’t alter my course…i just wouldn’t tell them i was passing through 😉 )  but i digress..the point made was…these “people” others found “disgust” with are the very people Jesus went to,  as we know because not only did he go through Samaria …but he stopped at a well and asked a woman at the well for water…there He goes again…breaking all the norms…associating not only with a group of people others hated but a woman for heavens sake…women were of zero importance back then but in order to show us how much Jesus loves and respects everyone he went ” out of his way to not only go through Samaria but to speak to someone who others considered to be of no value”

Told you this little verse packed a punch…so who are you being Jesus to?….who is someone who isn’t deemed worthy or hated or despised that you are making time for and going out of your way to be with…who do you see with ” disgust” …start taking steps towards those people instead of going out of your way to avoid them and you too will be walking in the ways of Jesus.


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