Happy Birthday to my Mom

See this lady she is the one who I call Mom and to say I am eternally blessed that God chose her to be my mom would be an understatement of great proportions. So here is a list of reasons I am all the better for having this lady be my mom:

1. My mom loves me unconditionally. You can say phrases like that, like a cliche, until you come to a point in your life that you realize it is true.

2. My mom showed me Jesus.. Not so much in words although she read me plenty of bible and devotionals but she ” showed” me through her actions who she believed Jesus to be.

3. My mom showed me forgiveness by forgiving people who have hurt her deeply and I have fought her on for forgiving them and yet she did it and now that I am older I am in awe of that type of forgiveness.

4. My mom always demonstrated that you always make more food for dinner than necessary Bc you never know who might stop by and not have eaten yet. This has come in supreme handy as my kids have started having little friends over all the time.

5. My mom taught me the value of ” just showing up”. You may not have the answers you may not be able to solve the hurt but you ” show up” and you just sit with that person or laugh with them or cry with them or just go get your toes done or go to a movie … But you show up at any hour of the night or day Bc that is what Love does. It shows up.

6. She taught me to never leave the house without makeup on. Yeah…. That one didn’t stick 😂😂. But seriously she taught me the value of looking like you appreciate where you are getting to go and who you got to go with.

7. She taught me how to be a mom. And that has been a gift you can never replace

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