The slow work of God

The Slow Work of God:

It has been a topic of recent discussions with a few of my ” village people”

What if the slow work of God is painful and draining. What if the slow work of God actually looks more like God not working at all. Is He still working ” all things for our good and His glory?”

About an hour ago I would have said ” nope, in anger….walked away because just today things went opposite of what I had actually prayed. I prayed , believed , trusted and the result…..

Well….either i didn’t pray specifically enough or God’s idea of my good and HIs glory in this situation is apparently going to look WAY different than what i envisioned.

But as i fumed and listened to really loud aggressive music i actually became more calm and my focus became clear through all the anger once again.

He has a plan for good and His glory out of all this. ALL THIS….all the opposite of good, all the heart ache in walking this journey. All the days where we feel on top of the world and the days like today where honestly you just want to pick up move to another state and start over…( because everyone knows the grass is greener, right ?) hahahha!!!!

Anyway my point is Even in the absolute YUCK God is being faithful , he is working ALL THINGS out for our good and His Glory and my response is just to Trust in the SLOW WORK of God. Because my God who promised CAN NOT LIE!

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