So what could be better than a peaceful season in life… two Great Danes… you see I had just one … problem was he was perfect … potty trained in a week didn’t bark didn’t cry so calm and peaceful … his only flaw being, he is a crotch sniffer… but hey, in his defense his nose is at the perfect height on most humans. So when normal dogs are smelling your calf muscle max is a much higher up dog…. anywho back to why 2 isn’t always better than one 😂😂

So in a weak moment we adopted his brother. These two have the same daddy just different mommas…. and apparently that has made all the difference in the world … now we have the Taz… his real name is Dug ( like from the movie UP. ). Yeah.. totally my dog… ( squirrel ) 😱🤣🤣… let me give you a visual because I’m a visual person I learn best that way … Maximus is like a dog on weed… Dug is like a dog on crack 😱😱😱.

Get another dane they said … Danes are companion dogs .. they said …. THEY LIED 😱😱😂😂😂 ( not really these two are totally inseparable 💕) but

Dug is his own brand of crazy. We used to have nice things… now we have dug 😂😂

He does somersaults in the yard… literally. He puts his little face down and hurls his body into the perfect somersault.

He has successfully de-armed all of our daughters favorite dolls … destroyed his brothers bed.. has figured out how to unblock both locks on his crate and let himself back in the house after you have shut the door all the while, being the cutest thing you have ever seen and can give you the most mischievous looks when he is up to no good. 😂😂

He has been through three weeks of boot camp … you know the “ stay at camp all day and night and learn to be a good boy… please …. he was their star student while there 😂😂😂. Got himself a gold metal and everything …. smh…. bless his heart … I tell him everyday it’s a good thing God made him so darn cute. 💗💗

On a positive note he isn’t a crotch sniffer… so he has that going for him 😂😂

This is a picture of said dog eating his way through the bag of food outside before I can unpack it 😱. Two seconds people …. that is all this dog needs to bring down an entire house 😂😂

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