mowing with her daddy

I find it funny the way Jesus speaks to me through the very simple things in life.  I think He must realize how very ” simple” I am and how I learn best visually.

The other day I was watching Zoey do one of her most favorite things to do with her Daddy… mowing the grass.  She will climb straight up in his lap and “mow” all day long.

But the thing that struck me is when the “mowing” is all done her daddy will let her ” take the reins” …She places her hands on top of her Daddy’s hand and “drives” that mower without a care in the world.  She loves to go as fast as she can with the wind just whistling through her hair and the sounds of complete joy that come out of her would make anyone’s day.

Zoey doesn’t worry about a thing because her Daddy’s got her.  If Zoey starts to veer off path he gently guides her back to where she should be and if all really goes against plan…..Steve just backs them up and they start again…

Isn’t that a lot like Jesus and us…He invites us to climb up on this ride called Life, place our hands on top of his and Away we Go!…Don’t you think he wants to hear us just as excited as Zoey gets..don’t you think He longs for us to trust Him and know that even when we veer off path…the one holding us hasn’t left….His hand will steady us back to where we belong…and if the worst happens…He will gently back us up and start us over and say ” Again….Lets Go!”….

I think our relationship with Jesus is supposed to be just as precious as that image of Zoey laughing out loud, telling her daddy FASTER..and ” lets hit those bumps” and make that UUGUGUGUUGUGUGU sound with our voice…..

You see,  when you know your are safe with the one who loves you the most… you can enjoy even the bumps in the road.. along with the joy of life.. because you can trust the One whose hand you hold.


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