the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

It is true….the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….and the diva child is living proof of that….

This was the first week of school for our girl….along with an extra chromosome,  Zoey girl got her mommas personality times 2 also.  You see she comes by it naturally, I don’t know a stranger and as my husband says…” i could probably talk to dirt 😉 “..i also don’t believe in allowing anyone to feel left out.  as glennon doyle says, “i don’t do circles of friends, i do horseshoes”….that way there is always room to add more people…..anyway i digress…zoey girl and her first day…..

so i was absent the first two days of zoey’s school week due to a funeral.  i got a text from her daddy the first day saying how much her new teacher enjoyed our girl and that she was a joy……then day two…..

let me preface this with i know this was scary for her new teacher and i am highly aware of all the things that could have gone wrong and so forth…now with that disclaimer aside let me tell you how funny it was if you only knew my social butterfly….

so it was late in the evening tuesday evening and i was finally nearing home and noticed i missed a call… i listened to the voicemail and it was zoeys new teacher saying….Umm hello mrs kramer…this is zoeys teacher….when you get a moment could you call me back i wanted to go over a few items with you concerning zoey today …..going into year 8 of zoeys life im getting better and better at bracing myself for whatever is coming…so i called her back and the was mentally ready…now remember my disclaimer… previously stated above…

Hello Mrs Kramer….so  i wanted to let you know….today we asked zoey to empty her backpack and she was doing exactly as she was told beautifuly….but then i turned back around and Zoey was gone….luckily Mrs Kramer our principal ( who knows her from previous grades) found her by the elevators and asked her if she would like to go back to class….

Yall i get all the safety concerns and am glad the end result was good…..but as a momma who has been through so many crazy scary things with this daughter of mine and knows how social she is..this was so funny to me…. i could just see in zoey’s mind….she did what she as asked…she unpacked her backpack..but then when the door to the classroom was open and it was a new school with new friends up and down not only halls but elevators ,and all these friends who hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting her…she felt it her duty to grace everyone with her presence and make sure everyone had a better day just by seeing her.  yall she is such a hoot….she really feels everyone is her personal friend and that she is making your whole day by coming and being with you ….

i can honestly see her telling me when i asked her about it and re -reminded her that in order to stay safe she must stay with her teacher…she responds with ….friends need me mommy…then she shows me with her hands how the elevator goes up and the doors open and she makes MORE friends…..oh my stars ….there is never a dull moment with the extra dose of everything child of mine … 🙂

this is my diva frantically waving to her yellow limo….yelling HELLO FRIENDS 🙂



4 thoughts on “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  1. Sounds like sweet Zoey. I hope she has a wonderful school year and I can’t wait to hear more about her adventures on your blog. 😊❤️


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