have kids they said…it will be great they said….

so bright and early this morning ( and by bright and early i mean like 8:30ish…its summer people…)  i text my friend and tell her that i am not going to work out today because…….(and being that she is one of my ” real ” friends who i have no need to ” play fake with”) …i tell her…im not going because I am lazy and i refuse to participate in inhumane treatment of my body today …..

she sends me back a text with the presented photo….

image1 (2)

OH CRAP KATY!!  ( as i begin to laugh out loud) …because this picture alone makes me not feel alone in the world 🙂 hahahah!!!   apparently her children were doing an ” art” project and just let the art spirits lead them where they may…..

I then proceed to tell her what to do….Pack an overnight bag…call a sitter and be like ” peace out people!!”….”  momma will be back when she regains some of her saneness”…which could be in like FOR NEVER!!!…so GOOD LUCK..GOD SPEED…

She said ” this is why i love you, because we think alike 😉  I knew you would have packed up with me and we could have had some champagne in solidarity !!

I then remind her that i am leaving for an out of town funeral soon…and if she needs some moments of  peace she is welcome to come 😉 …..and that’s when it hits us….we truly are moms because our moments of peace now involve going grocery shopping by ourselves or road tripping to a funeral.   😉

have kids they said…..it will be fun they said ……….

3 thoughts on “have kids they said…it will be great they said….

  1. yes! Ian and I were just saying that the other day “have kids they said…” Oh, and Katy, I think our kids have a lot in common!


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