gone fishing

The funny thing about life is that sometimes the people you love the most are the people you get to see the least and sometimes the people who ” choose you” are more ” family” than ” blood family”.   Those people with whom  you are fortunate enough to have your paths cross.  The type who, as the hotel chain says ” leave the light on for you” regardless of time or distance….

My DD passed away tonight.  My sister and I were not his grandchildren.  He had no reason to love us as he did when we were kids but he did.  He just choose us and there is something special about being chosen for no other reason than someone has decided to love you.

Growing up I never had a biological grandfather, both my grandfathers died shortly before i was born.  But my sister and I had our DD.

That was the name we gave to the man who stepped into the role of loving my sister and I as if we were his.  DD was my parents’ neighbor in Knoxville.  When my parents moved in next door to them they were in quite the pickle.  My mom was pregnant and had just accepted an offer to teach and my dad was unemployed and just starting law school….and into our lives stepped Nannie and DD.  Our Nannie raised my sister for about the first three years of her life.

Even after my parents moved away my sister and i used to go up for a week at a time during the summers and spend the week with Nannie and DD.

My DD would take us to the lake house and teach us to fish.  To this day one of my favorite memories is my sister and i being awaken before the sun came up to go out on the boat fishing….however in return for having to leave so early i was allowed to stay in my new yellow polka dot nightgown…because goodness knows fish are more apt to bite if you look cute 😉

I think maybe at this little slice of heaven is where my obsession with turtles began.  When you walked out this long dock there were a couple boards you could lift up and see all the tiny turtles.  That was the best sight ever!

My DD was always peeling apples and always began his sentences with ” oh gosh….” not in a bad ” oh gosh” just like that is how you started a sentence 😉

As with most things….time and distance have not allowed for us to be around Nannie and DD much since we were kids….but the impact of two people choosing to love two little kids is something eternal.

i am thankful that all those years ago my parents moved in across the street from these two loving souls.  I am thankful our Nannie and DD stepped up to the plate to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a young couple.  I am thankful that they always loved our family as if we were truly part of theirs.

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