morning thoughts

Do you know why the life of being a Jesus follower is so scary….because if you get serious about looking at the life of Jesus, He didn’t avoid the pain.  That is the scariest part for me.

So many times people question, as i have and sometimes still do, why would Jesus allow this to happen to me?  And through various trials in my own life I have started to gain some perspective.

Jesus isn’t allowing it to happen ” TO” you He is allowoing it to happen “FOR” you and for His glory.  I could give you countless examples of this in my own life and seeing as how I have a platform to do so I am sure several of my writings will be about just those things.  Right now; however, I was more taken to the point of Why.

What He is doing for you in the midst of your pain will one day out weigh your pain . If you can just sit long enough with that pain to learn what it is He is teaching you and not run from it but rather sit with it and run to Him.  I can say this because I have lived through it for 8 and 3/4 years now.  Does this mean that every time pain comes the way i respond is correct….uhhh trust me No…but after I get past the shell shock and the tears i always come back to the foundation that Jesus is doing this For me not To me.  That this pain is being used for His glory to point others to Him and display His majesty.

The second reason following Jesus is so scary is because He set the ultimate example in loving your enemy and sacrificing your well being for that of others.  The true sacrificial-unconditional life of love.  That alone frightens me more than pain because there are people and events in my life where i think I CAN NOT AND I WILL NOT LOVE this person or find peace in this situation …..and yet this still small voice keeps saying ” follow me”.

I have been told many times that my faith in Jesus is just a crutch and that I am avoiding reality.. i appreciate and respect the people who view me that way but I have come to realize,  following Jesus is No Crutch it is a Rock to which I cling to , it is a peace I can’t is the hardest most rewarding journey I have ever been on.

So even as this idea of truly following Jesus scares me half to death sometimes because i realize by following Him I am surrendering to a life of living for HIm and not for me….and that the cost at times may be steep and i may have thousands of Whys and Tears….but I know with every inch of me…. I can trust the One who died for me.

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