and so it begins…

I guess since it has been the year of Yes in the Kramer Compound….starting a blog to capture my ramblings had to fall in that line too.   For a few years now i have had a couple friends who have been relentless in their quest to have me write.  I tried to remind them that i have the attention span of a gnat and that anything longer than a comic strip was just too much for me…..they persisted and I am quite certain they must have started praying that i would do this too….because now Gods been bugging me about it and heaven help us all….trying to say No to God is possible …you can keep saying No and He will just keep showing up 😉

So….yall win….as i told Steve tonight i don’t know what I am supposed to write about or how often and what if i truly stink at this and no one is encouraged by anything i have to relay….also i rarely think in complete sentences let alone complete thoughts….welcome to my world…

I do find it highly appropriate that a big storm rolled through tonight as i finally surrendered to this idea.  You see I am one of those people who finds an overpowering peace in the midst of a storm .  It started as a kid, when a storm would start approaching my parents would have us all gather in the garage and watch it.  I was never afraid of the storm because the ones who loved me the most were right there with me. They could have never known how this one act would shape the journey Ive been on.    Now as an adult, the storms roll in,  they are fierce and brutal and yet i am learning ( notice i said ” learning” not learned)  that i am safe because the One who Loves me is walking Through the Storm with me.  He not only loves me but my name is written in the palm of His hand.  If you know the ” One who Cares” for you is in your midst…fear takes its rightful place.

I was recently on a trip with my family.  In-fact i was on the very dock that is pictured above.  I went down one evening by myself as a storm was rolling in.  It was such a majestic sight to behold…ominous clouds..sun piercing through in some spots, wind carrying everything the wrong way, lightening erupting in every cloud….and then CALM…the water laid completely still and looked like glass …..and right then my still small voice said ”  did you see this pk…this is what i want from you…..CALM in the midst of the storm… it could not have been a more beautiful display from God…nothing had changed in the atmosphere, the surroundings were still in turmoil and yet in an instant the wind stopped , stillness became palpable ….complete calm.  The skies hadn’t turned bright,  the lightening hadn’t ceased,  but the water became the  perfect mirror imagine of everything going on around it and yet the water remained CALM … oh to get to that point in my life where my  surroundings may not be  changing but my soul is at rest…because the One who Loves me is in my midst and I have no reason to fear.  With one word He can calm the storm or with one word He can say Keep Walking in the midst of the storm…Either way my friends you are safe….

8 thoughts on “and so it begins…

  1. Congratulations on your blog!!! You are such a beautiful lady, I’m so happy that God gave me the opportunity to meet you. 😊 blessings


  2. I always feel blessed and uplifted when I read your words tyhasnk you old friend for being you and letting me tag along on your jour ney


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